Volume 18, No. 1-4

R. Rautmann
Blow up in a Class of Non-autonomous Dynamic Systems
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C. Y. Chan and H. T. Liu
Quenching for Degenerate Parabolic Problems With Nonlocal Boundary Conditions
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Alfonso C. Casal, J. Ildefonso D´iaz, and Jose M. Vegas
Blow-up in Some Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations with Time-delay
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C. Y. Chan and P. Tragoonsirisak
Effects of a Concentrated Nonlinear Source On Quenching in R
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C. Y. Chan and T. Treeyaprasert
Quenching for a Parabolic Problem Due to a Concentrated Nonlinear Source on a Semi_infinite Interval
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W. Y. Chan
Existence of the Classical Solution for Degenerate Quasilinear Parabolic Problems with Slow Diffusions
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Arturo De Pablo
Critical Coefficients in Blow-up Problems
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Philip W. Schaefer
Blow-up Phenomena in Some Porous Medium Problems
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Jeffrey R. Anderson
Long-time Behavior of Solutions of a Nonlinear Diffusion Model with Transmission Boundary Conditions
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C. Y. Chan
Quenching Criteria for a Degenerate Parabolic Problem Due to a Concentrated Nonlinear Source
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Qin Sheng
An Effective Semi-implicit Method for Circularly Symmetric Quenching Optical Waves
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Anne Kandler, Matthias Richter, and Jurgen Vom Scheidt
Second Order Moments of Solutions of Parabolic Initial Boundary Value Problems With correlated Random Parameters
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N. G. Medhin and Wei Wan
Mult-New Product Competition in Duopoly: A Differential Game Analysis
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Chenghui Zhang, Xianfu Zhang, and Xinzhi Liu
Global Stabilization of Uncertain Nonlinear Time-Delay Systems by Output Feedback
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Anna Goralczyk and Jerzy Motyl
Stratonovich Stochastic Inclusion
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Jinhai Chen and Donal O'regan
Solvability Analysis of Periodic Solutions for Nth Order Differential Equations
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Jun Liu, Xinzhi Liu, and Wei-Chau Xie
Robust Stabilization of Stochastic Switched Delay Systems via State-Dependent Switching Rule
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Honglei Xu, Yuanqiang Chen, Kok Lay Teo, and Ryan Loxton
An Impulsive Stabilizing Control of a New Chaotic System
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J Ozef Banas, Donal O'regan, and Kishin Sadarangani
On Solutions of a Quadratic Hammerstein Integral Equation on an Unbounded Interval
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John R. Graef and Toufik Moussaoui
Positive Solutions for Discrete Boundary Value Problems
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Jan Andres, Luisa Malaguti, and Valentina Taddei
On Boundary Value Problems in Banach Spaces
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B. C. Dhage
Nonlinear Quadratic First Order Functional Integro-Differential Equations with Periodic Boundary Conditions
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Yong_Soo Jung and Kyoo-Hong Park
On the Stability of Higher Generalized Ring Derivations
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L. Hatvani, F. Tookos, and G. Tusnady
A Mutation-Selection-Recombination Model In Population Genetics
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Basak Karpuz and Ozkan Ocalan
Oscillation and Nonoscillation of First-order Dynamic Equations with Positive and Negative Coefficients
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Yin-Lian Fu and Qi-Ru Wang
Oscillation Criteria for Second_order Nonlinear Damped Differential Equations
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Yuji Liu
Existence Results for Solutions of Bvps of Second Order Impulsive Differential Equations on a Half Line
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Kil-Woung Jun and Yang-Hi Lee
On the Stability of a Cauchy-Jensen Functional Equation II
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Qingkai Kong, Qi-Ru Wang, and Zhi-Qiang Zhu
Kamenev-type Oscillation Criteria for Second-order Matrix Dynamic Equations On Time Scales
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Biying Wang and Zhiting Xu
Oscillation of Second Order Neutral Emden-Fowler Delay Dynamic Equations of Mixed Type
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Salim A. Messaoudi and Muhammad I. Mustafa
A Stability Result in a Memory-type Timoshenko System
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Agnieszka B. Malinowska and Delfim F. M. Torres
On the Diamond-alpha Riemann Integral And Mean Value Theorems on Time Scales
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R. Hilscher and P. Zemanek
Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Systems On Time Scales
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Josef Diblik and Irena Hlavickova
Combination of Liapunov and Retract Methods in The Investigation of 
the Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions of Systems of Discrete Equations

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Mohamed Abdalla Darwish and Sotiris K. Ntouyas
Functional Differential Equations of Fractional Order with State-dependent Delay
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I. J. Cabrera and K. B. Sadarangani
Existence of Solutions of a Nonlinear Integral Equation on an Unbounded Interval
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Xiaocheng Huang and Zhiting Xu
Kamenev-type and Interval Oscillation Theorems For Second Order Nonlinear Delay Dynamic Equations
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Adina Oprisan and Andrzej Korzeniowski
Large Deviations for Ergodic Processes In Split Spaces
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Jong Yeoul Park and Jung Ae Kim
Existence and Uniform Decay for a Nonlinear Viscoelastic Equation with Strong Damping and Nonlinear Boundary Memory Damping Term
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You-Hui Su and Wan-Tong Li
Periodic Solution for Non-autonomous Second Order Hamiltonian Systems on Time Scales
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R. Sakthivel, E. R. Anandhi, and Sang-Gu Lee
Approximate Controllability of Impulsive Differential Inclusions with Nonlocal Conditions
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Michael Gil
Absolute and Input-to-State Stabilities of Nonautonomous Systems with Causal Mappings
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Leszek Olszowy
Solvability of Some Functional Integral Equation
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Heng-You Lan and Juan J. Nieto
On Initial Value Problems for First-order Implicit Impulsive Fuzzy Differential Equations
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Ilkay Yaslan Karaca
On Positive Solutions for Higher-order Boundary Value Problems with Impulse
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Bapurao C. Dhage
Applicable Fixed Point Theory in Functional Differential Equations on Unbounded Intervals
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Lianzhong Li, Fanwei Meng, and Zhaowen Zheng
Oscillation Results Related to Integral Averaging Technique for Linear Hamiltonian Systems
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