Volume 24, No. 1-4

Swarn Singh, Suruchi Singh, and Rajni Arora
New Highly Accurate Stable Schemes for the Solution of Telegraphic Equation with Neumann Boundary Conditions
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Yumi Yahagi
A Probabilistic Consideration on One Dimensional Keller Segel System
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Zvi Retchkiman Konigsberg
Computability Power of an Extended Petri Net Model (APN)
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Anwar Zeb, Sultan Hussain, Vedat Suat Erturk, and Gul Zaman
Asymptotic Behavior of Different Controls of Hepatitis B Virus
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Jewgeni H. Dshalalow, Kenneth Iwezulu, and Ryan White
Discrete Operational Calculus In Delayed Stochastic Games
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Heyuan Wang
Dynamical Behaviors Analysis And Numerical Simulation of the Lorenz-Type System for Couette-Taylor Flow
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Venkateswara Rao Mudunuru
Comparison of Activation Functions In Multilayer Neural Networks for Stage Classification in Breast Cancer
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Soudabeh Shemehsavar and Kambiz Farahmand
Expected Number of Real Roots of Certain Gaussian Random Trigonometric Polynomials
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C. Sreenivasan and A. Krishnamoorthy
MAP/PH/1 Retrial Queue with Constant Retrial Rate, Working Vacations and a Finite Buffer for Arrivals
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